Saturday, 14 December 2013

Morning Tour

Saturday 14th December a.m.
 The morning started off dull with a temperature of 4.5°C on our arrival at Leeshaw Reservoir
near Oxenhope.Still quiet at this location with no geese & work still being done on the dam
embankment.There were only a few species of birds to be seen these were Pheasant,Mallards,
BH Gulls & a single Lapwing.
 We moved on to the other side of Oxenhope where Leeming Reservoir was also fairly quiet
but we did fair better here.On the water were Mallards & BH Gulls, there was a mixed flock of
Goldfinch & Greenfinch in the surrounding trees.Plenty corvids were around, the best birds were
in the overflow area where we saw a Pied Wag ,Grey Wag & a Dipper.
  We moved on again towards Keighley & the River Worth at Damems where we were lucky
enough to catch up with a couple of Dippers & some decent snaps.We also had the chance to
see a steam train, the "Santa Special" go past on the Worth Valley Line.
male Pheasant at Leeshaw

Goldfinch at Leeming

record shot of a Dipper in the overflow at Leeming

Dipper,River Worth at Damems

Dipper at Damems

The Santa Special

Magpie,Jackdaws & BH Gulls on the Dam wall at Leeming


  1. Terrific Dipper Shots!

  2. I agree about the Dipper, and think you did well with the Goldfinch too. We have them around Melbourne as an introduced species, but they always seem wary, and I still don't have a photo I'm really happy with.

  3. Always good to see a Dipper & a real bonus to get close enough for a couple of snaps,glad you both liked them.
    The Goldfinch is one of our most colourful birds but because they are fairly common there is a tendency to overlook them even when we get them in the garden.