Sunday 1st December 2013
Another bright morning with some good sunshine & a temperature of 5.5°C on our arrival at Dowley Gap near Bingley.We went down to the canal which runs from Leeds to Liverpool & in this area crosses the River Aire by an aqueduct, plus there are several sets of locks including the five rise at Bingley.
 As we were walking along the canal we were distracted by a flash of blue which flew past going into the bank, yes that's right a Kingfisher!We followed but couldn't spot it straight away but eventually saw the female Kingfisher on a branch, we got some snaps but it was in the shade.Then thankfully it came nearer to us into the sun & so we were able to get some good snaps.The Kingfisher is a great small bird & it's always a delight to see one & some good snaps are a wonderful bonus.
P.S. Looking back these are still our best Kingfisher pictures & very much a red letter day for us as we don't often get chance to take their picture & these were our first good ones.

Kingfisher at Dowley Gap 1/12/2013

Dowley Gap 1/12/2013


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