Sunday 16th March 2014
Another cloudy start to the day but as we headed to South Yorkshire the sun came out with blue skies & a temperature of 9°C rising to 13°C by lunch time.We were in the Dearne Valley at the RSPB Old Moor Nature Reserve which is near Barnsley.
 We were hopeful of seeing a member of the Bunting family which has become very rare in the Bradford area but should be seen in farmland country hedgerows.We headed for an area of the reserve called Tree Sparrow Farm which is the best place to see our sought after bird.We were here for a while seeing several species then from a hedge two or three birds came out Yellowhammers! I called my dad over & we were able to get some snaps of these birds we were seeing for the first time.
A real treat to see them here our are pictures which I think do these now rare Yellowhammers justice,
lets hope they make a come back in the Bradford area.

The rare Yellowhammer at Old Moor NR 16/3/2014

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  1. think we're gonna be seeing a lot more of this little fella over the coming months...