Cullingworth Waxwings

Sunday 21st April 2013
 My dad was taking the dog for her usual walk this morning in hazy sunshine with a temperature of
5°C.As he walked down our road he had only gone 30 meters when he looked down a side road and spotted Waxwings!He quickly went back to the house grabbing his camera and went to get some snaps, fortunately the birds were still there, a couple in a bush full of berries in a nearby garden.On his approach they went back up to the tree where he spotted them earlier.He counted 13 as he started taking some pictures, some birds moved nearer on a roof, looking in the guttering for somthing.He got quite a few snaps before they flew off SW over the village.With there being a bush full of berries I'm sure they'll be back to finish them off.Here are his snaps and yes he did go back and take the dog for her walk.
P.S. This report proves the point you've got to strike while the irons hot we've not seen any Waxwings since.

Cullingworth Waxwings 21/4/2013

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