Sunday, 22 May 2011

St. Ives

Sunday 22nd May a.m.
  After going up to Redcar Tarn we called in at St. Ives on our way home.Here we
walked round the Coppice pond seeing 40 Mallards,15 Canadas,6 Coots and 3 Moorhen.
There was a Carion Crow cheekily making use of one of the seats around the pond,
there were quite a few fisherman also trying their luck.We then went to the hide seeing
three Mallards and then noticed something on the feeder,to our surprise it was a
Spotted Woodpecker, although on the far side of the feeder. However it quickly flew
away then briefly returned with a second Woodpecker,maybe its mate,they squabbled then
flew off again. A Squirrel perched on the wire trying to get at the bird food,then a
Chaffinch came to the bird table and a Stock Dove came feeding from the ground around
the bird tables. Then another visiter to the bird table,a Nuthatch landed just long enough
for a quick snap,this was our first sighting of this bird. Our bird watching came to an abrupt
end as a dog appeared chasing off the Mallards and Stock Dove.

Carion Crow

Spotted Woodpecker



Stock Dove


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