Sunday, 31 July 2011

Rodley Nature Reserve

Sunday 31st July a.m.
  After our visit to Yeadon Tarn we moved to Rodley Nature Reserve, the temperature
was now up to 18°C. The highlight of our visit here was a Little Egret amongst the Grey
Herons and Ducks. We also saw a pair of Common Terns with a couple of chicks and there
were Little Grebe again we saw a chick on a distant nest as well as Mute Swans with Signets.
A couple of Cormorants flew over and there were some Gadwall Ducks.
An enjoyable morning birding here in the warm weather.
30 - Mallards
20 - BH Gulls
10 - Grey Heron
10 - Swift
8 - Coot
6 - Mute Swans plus 6 Signets
4 - Moorhen
4 - Gadwall
3 - Little Grebe plus chick
2 - Lapwing
2 - Cormorant
2 - Common Tern plus chicks
2 - Tufted Duck
Pair of Mute Swans with six Signets

Grey Heron

Grey Herons in trees

Little Grebe

Common Terns with chicks

Little Egret 1

Little Egret 2

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  1. Great stuff on the Little Egret Danny and some cracking photos