Sunday, 29 January 2012

Five Rise Locks, Bingley

Sunday January 29th a.m.
 A cold overcast start this morning with frost on the ground and a temperature of
-1.5°C. I wanted to have a look at the renovation work being carried out on the
Five Rise Locks at Bingley which is part of the Leeds-Liverpool canal. The locks
have been drained and people are able to go have a close look at the locks, I
didn't go to the bottom but took a couple of snaps of the scene.
  Walking along the canal which in parts was covered in ice there were birds to be
seen on the canal and in the surrounding fields.
c50 - Common Geese
30 - BH Gulls
20 - Mallards
5 - Moorhen
3 - House Sparrow
1 - Mute Swan
plus other Corvids
Five Rise Locks, Bingley

View from the top

Another view from the top of the locks

Mute Swan

BH Gulls on the fence and Common Geese in the field

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