Saturday, 15 December 2012

Redcar Tarn,Keighley

Saturday December 15th a.m.
 There was a strong blustery wind up at the Tarn which was initially sunny with a
temperature of 5°C. The Tarn was still 60% frozen from the sub zero temperatures
on Friday, but the surrounding path was good for walking. There were large numbers
of BH Gulls on the ice and a good number of Common Gulls among them. The c100
Mallards with several Coots were at the far end of the Tarn where the ice had thawed
and they were free to swim.We were struggling a bit for snaps as we watched several
Chaffinch took flight from the hedge around the footpath,when the day was saved by a
Robin landed next to us where it posed for a couple on minuets. A flock of 16 Canadas
flew over the cars and slid on the ice as they landed,in the nearby fields where more BH
Gulls,Lapwings and Starlings.There was a single LBB Gull with the Canadas on the ice
and as we completed the circuit 4 Jackdaws appeared, the rain then started to fall heavily
which was our cue to depart.
 Locally in Cullingworth it was good to see at first light the Covids,mainly Jackdaws leaving
their local roost,my estimate would be c400 with their yapping call they make quite a din but
as they rise on mass are a great spectacle.
Robin posed well for a few snaps

Canadas on the ice

Redcar Tarn 1

Redcar Tarn 2

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