Saturday, 22 February 2014

Harold Park & Park Dam

Saturday 22nd February a.m.
 A dull start to the day with frequent showers & a temperature of 5°C, things started well
bird wise with a female Bullfinch & two Greenfinch on our garden feeders.We started out
by taking the dog for a walk to Hewenden viaduct where there was a good selection of birds
in the reservoir.We saw the pair of Goldeneye still present with Canadas,Mallards,Cormorant
& an additional three Goosanders making for a great start to the morning.
 We got to Harold Park where it was beginning to brighten up as were the pair of Great Crested
Grebes which were much more colourful than our last visit now in their breeding plumage.Others
here included Mute Swans also in breeding frame of mind, Canadas,BH Gulls,Moorhen,Coot,
Mallards & Tufted Duck.
 We moved down the road to Park Dam where there was another GC Grebe with the BH Gulls,
Tufted Ducks,Common Gulls  & Canadas. We had a record count for us at this location of 14
Goosanders that was great to see. There was also a large Gull present which was not an adult
but 2nd or 3rd winter bird it was the size of a LBB Gull but we wern't sure as Herring may also
be possible with its pale mantle.
 We had a bit of time left so decided to go a few miles along Halifax Road to Shibden Park to
see if the Kittiwake reported on  the blogs of B.S. & N.K might still be there.We soon found it
with the Mallards in the roped off area, boats were out on the other part of the lake in this
popular weekend spot.It was great to see the bird in the local area, it was eating food that people
were throwing in the water. It wasn't flying around with the BH Gulls but hopefully it is well
enough to carry on its journey when it's ready.
Mute Swans

Great Crested Grebe

male Goosander

female Goosander

Goosanders,BH Gull & large Gull possible LBB or Herring

Kittiwake at Shibden Park

Park Dam Goosanders & Gulls

Park Dam 22/2/2014

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