Saturday, 29 August 2015

Cullingworth to Hewenden Reservoir

Saturday 29th August a.m.
 An early start with plenty cloud around & a temperature of 12°C as we headed for the reservoir. There were a good number of House Martins above the village which followed us to the reservoir we counted 25.As we walked along the track Canadas flew from the reservoir in three flocks of c12 birds each time with some remaining on the reservoir.There were Swallow flying around plus Grey Wagtail & Mallards in the overflow & a Mute Swan on the water.We went passed the farm seeing Chaffinch & Goldfinch with a Sparrowhawk chasing a small bird.We headed back seeing many birds on the overhead wires in the distance, our first thought was Swallows but as we got closer with a better view through the bins,we were surprised to see they were a large flock of Linnets.One of the problems in dull light at distance is getting the right ID but they stayed put as we got closer & some timely sunlight made it easier.Going back passed the farm we saw a pair of Pied Wagtails with a couple of Juveniles & near the viaduct a Willow Warbler.At the other end of the viaduct a Kestrel was sat on the wall which moved to rest on a distant dead tree branch.Also here we saw a distant Grey Heron before heading back home.


Pied Wagtail

Pied Wagtail Juv

Swallow Juv

Difficult to ID at this distance

a bit nearer

think I've got them now


much easier now

a bit of early morning sunshine on this Linnet

Hewenden Reservoir


  1. Nice blog - like the Linnet build up !!

  2. Thanks John, this birding is not always as easy as it may seem.