Saturday, 23 July 2016

Denholme Clough

Saturday 23rd July a.m.
 A bright sunny morning with a temperature of 15°C as we went through the gate that leads into the field at the start of our Denholme Clough walk to Doe Park Reservoir.As we went into the field we saw several Blackcaps and Willow Warblers, also a couple of Jays.As we followed the beck through the Clough we saw a good number of Willow Warblers & Swallows were also flying around.When we arrived at the reservoir which had no shoreline and no birds, oh I tell a lie we saw one BH Gull.
We headed back seeing more Willow Warblers and Goldfinch were feeding on the Thistle seeds, a Grey Wagtail flew past and soon after a pair of Oystercatchers flew over.In a distant tree we saw a couple of Linnets, our attention turned to the large numbers of Butterfly getting a couple of snaps of these.
Willow Warbler




Large Skipper

Meadow Brown

Denholme Clough

Doe Park Reservoir

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