Sunday, 7 August 2016

Lister Park

Sunday 7th August a.m.
A dull start to the day with a blustery wind but we had a bit of shelter at Lister Park with a temperature of 17°C. There were good numbers of Canadas,Mallards,Tufted Ducks and BH Gulls on and near the lake,one of the Gulls having a yellow tag number 2FKS. It was great to see a female Tufted Duck with three young chicks , the speed these little ones could move across the water was surprising,they were already diving for food which they do instinctively as soon as they hatch. Higher up in the Park where there is a wooded area with a stream there were a couple of Grey Wagtails which flew into the trees if you got too close.Also here a Coal Tit,Nuthatch,Robin and Song Thrush amongst other common species.
female Tufted Duck with her chick

keeping a watchful eye on her three chicks

Tufted Duck chick

male tufted Duck in eclipse

Grey Wagtail

moving to tree when we got too close

Song Thrush

BH Gull with yellow tag 2FKS

Lister Park 7/8/2016

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