Saturday, 29 October 2016

St Ives

Saturday 29th October a.m.
 A cloudy start to the day with a temperature of 13°C at St Ives near Harden which felt much warmer than yesterday with a lot less wind blowing.We headed straight for the Coppice Pond where there were c50 Canadas with the same numbers of Mallard and BH Gulls.The hide proved fruitless as it has done on all our recent visits, but there were a couple of Goosanders which gave us chance of some snaps.There were also two Mute Swans with Yellow Tag numbers 101 & 136, a domesticated Greylag which now calls this area its home, others were Coots & Moorhens.We did get a first here as we heard the call of a Wagtail which we spotted on the island,it was a Grey not much else was seen as we walked around the Coppice Pond.

Record snap of Grey Wagtail

Domesticated Greylag

Mute Swans

St Ives Coppice Pond 29/10/2016

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