Saturday 14 January 2017

Park Dam

Saturday 14th January a.m.
 As the sun got brighter I made my way the short distance over to Park Dam where there were nine Goosanders, 3 Cormorants, 3 Little Grebes, 1 Gt C. Grebe and 60 Canadas which were grazing in the field.There were also BH and Common Gulls among the other more common species, one bird stood out which I thought was a Teal it was at full range of the bins so I wasn't 100% sure, the picture I took of it later confirmed my original ID of a male Teal.
Great Crested Grebe

Little Grebe

male Teal

BH Gulls

Common Gull



Cormorants & Goosanders


Park Dam 14/1/2017


  1. Thanks Dave the GCG was very obliging but hard work with the Little Grebe which kept its distance.

  2. Very nice blog. I really liked the Grebe photos as well, but the BH Gulls are my favorite.

  3. Thanks Jessi good to hear from you that you enjoy the blog, the Grebes will be getting their summer plumage soon so will look even better.Always a good chance of getting some flight shots of BH Gulls when someone decides to throw them bread as they all take to the air to get to the bread first.Regards Nigel.