Saturday 11 March 2017

Morning Tour

Saturday 11th March a.m.
 A dull cloudy morning with a temperature of 7°C as I set off to Mixenden Reservoir from where I went to Cold Edge Dams finishing up at Leeshaw Reservoir.

Mixenden Reservoir.
A good start here with a female Goldeneye which was later seen with a second bird, others seen were Grey Heron,Mistle Thrush,Moorhen,BH,Common and LBB Gulls,Robin and other common species.
female Goldeneye

Cold Edge Dams
In the surrounding fields were ten Canadas and two Greylags, the walk on to the Lake produced Chaffinch,Mistle Thrush,Curlew,Grouse and Dunnock.At the Lake there were two Curlew, Goosander, Cormorant, Oystercatcher and Tufted Ducks. As I was checking these out and getting some record pictures up popped a Redshank calling as it flew off towards Fly Flatts.


Goosander and Curlew


Mistle Thrush


Leeshaw Reservoir
The drive from Cold Edge dams took me passed Fly Flatts which was shrouded in fog so no chance of any birds here.As I dropped down to Leeshaw the fog had cleared.It was good to see BV who had seen two Redshanks here before I arrived. I got my first Little Owl of the year and a Reed Bunting, others here were Lapwing,Oystercatcher,Curlew,Cormorant and the usual common species.


Little Owl

Reed Bunting


  1. Nigel. Your Lister Park Herring gull was caught using a canon net on the landfill site at Harewood Whin, York and rung 7/10/16. This is the site AC and NCD have been visiting. Your bird roosts either on the Humber estuary or on the reserve in the Lower Derwent Valley and this is the first sighting away from there.
    1750 gulls have been rung from that landfill site.

  2. Thanks Brian, its good of you to find out the history of this bird which adds to the enjoyment of finding them, maybe more to come judging by the amount that they are ringing.
    Cheers Nigel.