Saturday 1 April 2017

Harden Moor

Saturday 1st April a.m.
Now we're in April I decided it was time for my first visit to Harden Moor of the year where it was cloudy with a temperature of 9°C.I started off well seeing a couple of Oystercatchers in the changing landscape of the quarry area, soon after I saw a female Kestrel. Then in the distance I saw a male Kestrel, as I was watching the Oystercatchers there was a commotion as the male Kestrel flew to the female, I took a picture which tells the story of what happened next.
  As I walked further the familiar sound of a returning Willow Warbler filled the air, one of two birds I saw, the first ones for me this year.A Stoat skulked past into the grass too quick for a picture but I did get a couple of a pair of Bullfinches which finished a successful first outing on Harden Moor.
female Kestrel

male Kestrel

female & male Kestrel

singing Willow Warbler

female Bullfinch

male Bullfinch



  1. Nice pics and finds there Nigel and great capture of the mating Kestrels, you'll be getting a name of being a peeping Tom soon mate lol

  2. Thanks Dave, I'll have to be carefull where I point the bins when the House Martins return in the next couple of weeks.