Sunday 24 September 2017

Cullingworth to Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 24th September a.m.
 A bright start with a temperature of 11°C as I walked through the village seeing several Goldfinch eating Thistle seeds in a field before going on to the Great Northern Trail footpath.This took me on to the viaduct where I could see c50 BH Gulls,Canadas,Mallards and a couple of Tufted Ducks.At the edge of the water it was good to see nine Wigeon and a Common Gull was on a buoy in the water.As I headed towards the wood around a dozen Mistle Thrush flew from a Hawthorn Tree full of berries, also four Linnets could be seen in the distance.In the wood a Chiffchaff was singing loudly in a tree above me but I couldn't see it a Jay also flew past.On the other side of the reservoir there was another singing which I saw and was able to get a record picture of. Two Cormorants were drying out there wings on a tree in the water and several Jackdaws were around.
  No Swallows or House Martins were seen so it looks like there gone locally until next spring.

Common Gull





Mistle Thrush


Hewenden Reservoir 24/9/2017