Sunday, 24 June 2018

Lister Park

Sunday 24th June a.m.
A sunny morning with a temperature of 12°C as i headed to the Lake at Lister Park where I was greeted with the sight of c100 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. With them were a few Herring Gulls one of which had a different look which could have been a sub species.There were c150 Canadas and 20 Greylags making for a full Lake with the usual Tufteds,Mallards,Coots and Moorhens, not to mention c75 Feral Pigeons.
 A walk up to the gardens area provided a number of LT Tits some of which were juveniles, others included Greenfinch,Robin,Wren,Starling and Song Thrush with several Grey Squirrels running around.
Juvenile LT Tit

Juvenile Robin

Song Thrush



Juvenile Coot

Feral Pigeon with colour rings

plenty Grey Squirrels



Tufted Duck

LBB Gulls

Herring Gull

This Gull had a different look,maybe sub-species Herring Gull

Herring & LBB Gulls

LBB, poss Herring Gull? and Canada bringing up the rear

Canada in with the Gulls

Lister Park,Bradford 24/6/2018

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