Saturday, 23 June 2018

Leeming Reservoir

Saturday 23rd June a.m.
 After my earlier visit to Leeshaw I moved  to Leeming Reservoir where there was now more cloudy conditions with the temperature remaining at 11°C.I started off by scanning the start of the steam from the overflow of the reservoir and was rewarded with a Dipper.Overhead there were two Kestrels one briefly landing on a fence, it seemed to have its eye on a Grey Wagtail which was carrying food no doubt for its young nearby.The Kestrel moved to a nearby field where it hovered looking for other food.The reservoir level was down exposing some shoreline which a Common Sandpiper was making use of.On the water was a male Tufted Duck with several Mallards, overhead a couple of Curlew flew past and shortly after a couple of Cormorants did the same.There were also several Swallows and I spotted a House Martin with them there were at least six singing Willow Warblers a couple of them were seen as I walked round.

Common Sandpiper


Grey Wagtail

Tufted Duck

Willow Warbler

Leeming Reservoir

Leeming Reservoir 23/6/2018

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