Saturday, 23 June 2018

Leeshaw Reservor

Saturday 23rd June a.m.
 After a busy few weeks it was good to finally get the chance to get out and do some birding with some early morning sunshine and a temperature of 11°C.On approaching the reservoir there were Rooks, Starlings and Lapwings in the farmers field.At the reservoir I saw four Oystercatchers, Canadas and Greylags with some growing goslings.I went to the end of the track and saw several waders at the edge of the shoreline on the opposite side of the reservoir.I spent some time watching them but they were just out of range of the bins for good ID, I took some pics but the camera was stuggling with the distance.As best I could make out there was one LRP and six Dunlin as I was watching them a Snipe flew past close to me.It was also good to see the Little Owl in its usual spot.
Little Owl


Greylag Goslings



Dunlin & LRP

LRP and Dunlin

Leeshaw 23/5/2018

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