Saturday 17 November 2018

Stockbridge NR

Saturday 17th November a.m.
A misty morning but by the time I opened the hide window on the BOG reserve at Stockbridge it was clear enough to see the birds with a temperature of 8°C.Once again as on my last visit there were frequent visits to the feeders by a family of House Sparrows, they were joined by Blue Tit,Coal Tit, Great Tit, Dunnock,Robin and Reed Bunting.There was a Grey Heron and a noisy Canada was on the water others flew over and later some were grazing in a distant field.It was good to see five Goosanders fly over and both male and female Pheasants made appearances.There were a couple of ducks that kept appearing near the feeder near the water, which I think were Teal which I have not seen here before.
Coal Tit

Gt Tit

Blue Tit

Grey Heron


Reed Bunting

Teal, I think

Stockbridge NR 17/11/2018

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