Sunday, 18 November 2018

Park Dam

Sunday 18th November a.m.
I moved down the road from Harold Park to Park Dam where conditions were much the same cloudy and a temperature of 7°C.I started off really well here with a female Shoveler along with Little Grebe, Gt Crested Grebe,Goosander,Tufteds and two Mute Swans.A Grey Wagtail also flew away from where I was stood towards the other corner by the Pylon.
 I decided to have a walk round because I've seen Grey Wagtails in this corner before, as I walked I noticed a Cormorant high above on the Electric wires.When I got to the corner I went to the edge to see if I could see a Grey Wagtail alas there was no sign of one.However I disturbed another bird which flew out from the corner the back in to the dense vegetation at the side of the lake.The bird was a grey/blue colour with an orange bill and although I only saw it for a couple of seconds there was no doubt it was a Water Rail!Wow never thought I was going to see one here at Park Dam, I hung around for a while hoping it might re-appear but I waited in vain so no picture but delighted to get a brief sighting of this elusive bird.
 On my way back to the car a flock of fifteen Long-tailed Tits went passed, one posing for a couple of pictures, as I went home happy with my mornings birding.


GC Grebe

Little Grebe

Well camouflaged Little Grebe

Long-tailed Tit

Long-tailed Tits at Park Dam 18/11/2018


  1. Excellent record Nigel, must have a wander down this week.

  2. Thanks Jamie, I hope it stays for a while and emerges from the edge of the Lake for others to see it.