Sunday, 11 November 2018

Cullingworth & Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 11th November 2018 a.m.
 A dull gloomy morning with a temperature of 4°C, not really a pictures morning but I persevered nevertheless. Despite the gloom there were plenty of birds about, starting off with House Sparrows, Starlings,Collared Dove,Goldfinch and Chaffinch. As I viewed Hewenden Reservoir from the viaduct a pair of Mute Swans circled me before landing on the water.Others were BH Gulls, Common Gull, Cormorants,Tufteds and Canadas. Further along a mixed flock of c100 Fieldfare and Redwings flew past some landing in a distant tree.
 I made my way to my viewing point at the top end of the Reservoir where I saw Teal,Wigeon,Grey Heron and a couple of Goosanders. By now it had started to rain lightly so I headed home not adding to my tally on the way.

Eight Cormorants


Mute Swans

Fieldfare & Redwing





Hewenden Reservoir 11/11/2018

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