Monday 25 May 2020

Harold Park & Park Dam

Monday 25th may a.m.
A bright sunny morning with a temperature of 12°C at Harold Park where I headed for the main Lake and was rewarded with a pair of Mute Swans who had six cygnets. It was quiet here other than a G.C. Grebe, a couple of Tufteds and a visit from a Grey Wagtail. The smaller Lake had Canadas with goslings and Moorhen.
 Down the road at Park Dam there was another G.C.Grebe, four Swifts overhead, couple of Tufteds and a Coot with some young chicks, a quiet morning but good to see the breeding season going well.

Mute Swans with Cygnets


Grey Wagtail

Canadas with goslings


Coot with chick

Harold Park 25/5/2020

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