Monday, 19 December 2011

Gulls Galore

From Sunday 18th December
With most of the Gull flocks now having grown into their Winter sizes it gives us
a good chance to improve our ID of them.We see many BH Gulls in the summer
when they are much easier to spot, now they are in winter plumage and some are
different again in their first winter plumage. The LBB Gull we are able to ID now
seeing them fairly regularly. We have seen very little of the Common Gull but
spotted some at Lister Park some in first Winter plumage and some at Yeadon
Tarn. So below are some of the snaps we took on Sunday and hopefully the IDs
are correct. Pictures are from Lister Park unless stated otherwise.
Common Gull 1st Winter

BH Gull still in Summer plumage

Common Gull at Yeadon Tarn

A couple of Common Gulls center and BH Gull on left.

Common Gull center surrounded by BH Gulls

BH Gulls foreground and first Winter Common Gull at the back

Snowing Gulls

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