Saturday, 24 December 2011

Lister Park

Saturday 24th December a.m.
 A chilly wet and dull start to the day temperature of 4°C, we could not resist a return
to Lister Park after enjoying our visit last week. The numbers of birds were similar to last
week, down to one male and female Goosander though.
c250 - BH Gulls
c150 - Mallards
60 - Canadas
34 - Tufted Ducks
12 - Coot
7 - Moorhen
2 - Goosander
Tufted Duck female

Tufted Duck male

Tufted Ducks



Lister Park 1

Lister Park 2

Lister Park 3

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  1. Hope you all have a good Christmas at Cullingworth, keep those reports coming.