Sunday, 22 April 2012

Harden Moor

Sunday April 22nd a.m.
 Heavy showers this morning so we set off after one had passed through the temperature was 6°C.
We saw some good birds on the moor and old quarry areas but all the birds seemed very flighty
and we struggled to get close enough for some good snaps. Still it was good to see Linnets,Robin,
Willow Warbler,Wren,Swallow,Redpoll and Reed Bunting.
  We headed back down the hill towards Harden stopping to take a snap of the surrounding
countryside, the camera gives the impression of places being a bit closer together than they are.
Reed Bunting


Hewenden Viaduct left,edge of Cullingworth right,Denholme top right and Soil Hill in the background.

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  1. Nice picture postcard. Bet I can see your house from Soil Hill