Sunday, 15 April 2012

Local Walk

Sunday April 15th a.m.
 A cold frosty start just 2°C,but blue skies as we set off towards Hewenden taking the dog for a walk,
first bird of the morning was a Blackbird, then three Long-tailed Tits flitting between bushes in the
gardens. There were several Collard Doves on the roof tops and we saw several Jackdaws, a
couple of them carrying nesting material. We walked along the track down to Hewenden Reservoir,
seeing a Grey Heron, which soon took flight as we approached, there were good numbers of
Carrion Crow in this area and also four Pied Wagtail and a Mistle Thrush. At the side of the water
were six Canadas and three Mallards whilst on the water a first for us here were three Great Crested
Grebe, great to see them so close to home.
  We headed back up the track and towards the viaduct along the Northen Trail where birds were
singing including Blackcap,Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff and we also spotted several Goldfinch.
Looking from the viaduct there were now four Grey Heron in the fields and a flock of over 50 birds
lifted from trees at the edge of the reservoir and headed West towards the Cullingworth.I couldn't get
a positive ID on them but being white underneath and black appearance on their back they were likely
to be Swallows or House Martins. Heading back we saw Robin,Wren,House Sparrow,Greenfinch and
a few other usual species, an enjoyable walk with plenty birds to see and hear the song of returning
 On another note congratulations to my sister who attended the national grading for Taekwondo
yesterday and was successful and received her black belt.
Willow Warbler 1

Willow Warbler 2



Grey Heron 1

Grey Heron 2

Pied Wagtail

Mistle Thrush

Great Crested Grebe 1

Great Crested Grebe 2


  1. A good walk round there, good Warb and Blackcap pics.
    Well done to hannah on getting her black belt.