Friday, 6 April 2012

Lister Park, Bradford

Friday April 6th a.m.
 Our first visit of the day was to Lister Park where it was dull and grey with a temperature of
5°C. The boats were out on the pond which is probably a sign of last weeks good weather but
in general there were fewer than normal birds about. I had some bread with me to feed the ducks
and geese but as we walked up to the pond area we were mobbed by c100 Ferral Pigeons. On
the water there were Canadas,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen,Tufted Duck and a Greylag. One
Tufted Duck which was on the grass posed for us while we took a couple of snaps, there were also
a pair of LBB Gulls on the other side of the pond. At the far end of the pond we found a group of
four Gulls that were a lighter grey colour than the LBB Gulls which led us to think they could be
Herring Gulls or Yellow Leg Gulls. One of them was an immature Gull but they soon flew off leaving
us only a couple of poor snaps so no definite ID, unless anyone can tell us from the snaps below.
 Elsewhere it was fairly quite with us seeing Robin,Dunnock,Blue Tits among the other common
species and of course plenty Grey Squirrels.
Tufted Duck 1

Tufted Duck 2



Grey Squirrel

LBB Gulls

Herring or Yellow Leg Gull?

Herring or Yellow Leg Gull 2?

Herring or Yellow Leg Gull? with immature in the middle


  1. Hi, Danny. The lighter backed Gulls are Herring.

  2. I like the profile of the tufted duck, showingclearly where the name comes from. Linda

  3. Dean,
    Thanks for the help with the ID for the Herring Gulls, first time I've seen
    them locally so a good result for Lister Park.

    Thanks for your comment it was good of the Tufted Duck to pose for us as it did.