Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Local Walk

Wednesday April 11th a.m.
 We took the dog for a walk on the Northern Trail to Hewenden and then back into the village
and home, sunshine and light showers with the temperature at 5°C. There were a good number
of birds about this morning at the side of the reservoir were Canadas,Cormorant,Grey Heron and
a pair of Oystercatchers took to the air flying off towards Denholme. There was what from distance,
Hewenden Viaduct, a Greylag with the Canadas. Plenty other species seen totalling 25 some of
which were Blue Tits,Dunnock,Collard Dove,Jackdaw,Long-tailed Tit,Greenfinch,Goldfinch,Mute
Swan and Wren. Also when we got back there was a male Bullfinch on the garden feeder and a
female eating the buds on the Plum tree, my dad didn't seem too happy about that.

Wren singing



Collard Dove

Side of Hewenden Reservoir

female Bullfinch in the Plum tree

male Bullfinch 

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  1. Bet your dad was happy to see a Bullfinch nicking the buds off his plum tree, no plums this year.