Friday, 6 July 2012

Lotherton Hall 6

 Following Junes highest recorded rainfall, July seems to be going the same way, its
rained all day today causing widespread flooding. The local reservoirs are over flowing
and Rivers are in danger of bursting their banks,what a Summer!
 At least I can brighten up this dreary day with a final look back at a mixture of some great 
and colourful birds we saw at Lotherton Hall on our visit last Sunday.
Speckled Pigeon - Africa

Black-headed Caique - S.America

Lilac Breasted Roller - Africa

Java Sparrow

Omei Shan Liocichla - Asia

Zebra Finch - Australia & Indonesia

Bali Mynah

Channel-billed Toucon - S.America

Horned Owl - N. & S. America

Blue-bellied Roller - Central Africa

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