Saturday, 28 July 2012

Yeadon Tarn

Saturday July 28th a.m.
 Some sunny spells between the clouds this morning with a temperature of 13°C at Yeadon
Tarn on our arrival. Just one remaining Great Crested Grebe which indicates there will not be
any successful breeding at this location. Earlier in June there were two nests built but their
exposed position and some terrible weather with very high water levels meant everything was
against the birds.
 There were good numbers of Mallards,Canadas,Coots,Mute Swans and Starlings with a
sprinkling of Moorhen and House Sparrows.We spotted just one Tufted Duck, there were some
House Martins flying about and a lone Swift, in the bushes we caught sight of a couple of Wrens.
male House Sparrow



Great Crested Grebe

G.C.Grebe on nest, taken 17/6/12

Selection of birds at Yeadon Tarn today.

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