Monday 23 September 2013

Spurn Point

From Sunday 22nd September
 Carrying on with our day out yesterday we went for some lunch just South of Withensea.
Afterwards we travelled a few miles to Spurn Point, which is just beyond Kilnsea, a well
known spot for birders wanting to see birds on their migration route.There are a couple of
Nature Reserves which are run by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, Spurn point itself is a narrow
strip of land which runs out into the North Sea & the Humber Estuary.
 When we arrived the sun had warmed things up to 23°C, we couldn't get along the track to
the end of the point as the sea had washed sand across the track.We parked near the YWT
visitor centre & walked along, seeing plenty of waders on the mud flats of the estuary.These
included Redshank,Dunlin,Curlew,Golden Plover & Ringed Plover with several Little Egrets
also about. We also spotted a Wheatear moving through, further out on the mud flats was a
1,000+ Golden Plover & another flock of 2,000+ birds was likley to be Knot or Dunlin, they
certainly were a great spectacle when they took flight.
Little Egret

Little Egret & Redshank


Golden Plover

more Golden Plover

Ringed Plover



Flock of Golden Plover on the mud flats

Humber Estuary mud flats

Lighthouse at the end of Spurn Point


  1. Getting in with the serious birders now at Spurn. A great location.

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  3. There were a lot of people carrying,scopes,binoculars & cameras that we passed as we approached the YWT visitor centre.