Saturday, 25 January 2014

Lister Park

Saturday 25th January a.m.
 There were good numbers of BH Gulls & Canadas on the lake & the surrounding grass land
at Lister park this morning.It was also good to see Common Gulls on the water & the large
number of Tufted Ducks which makes this location one of the best to see them in the Bradford
area.There was also a female Goosander on the water, always a pleasure to see one of these birds
along with the usual water fowl.
 In the wooded area some LT Tits gave us the usual run around & it was good to see a Coal Tit a
site first for us.We also saw several Grey Squirrels & Redwings which were another first for us here
& rounds of our visit summary very nicely.
c200 - BH Gulls
c100 - Canadas
1 - Coal Tit
9 - Common Gull
8 - Coot
c75 - Feral Pigeon
3 - Goldfinch
1 - Goosander
10 - LT Tit
c75 - Mallard
8 - Moorhen
9 - Redwing
2 - Robin
35 - Tufted Duck
plus others

LT Tit

Grey Squirrel

Common Gull


male Tufted Duck

Canadas & BH Gulls



  1. Thanks, tricky to get the camera to focus through the branches so delighted with the result.