Saturday, 11 January 2014

Park Dam

Saturday 11th January a.m.
  It had brightened up somewhat by the time we got to Park Dam with some winter sunshine
& a temperature of 4.5°C.There were 28 Canadas grazing in a nearby field,the dam held BH
& Common Gulls,Mallards,Mute Swan,Moorhen,Coot,Tufted Duck & a Gt C. Grebe.The
Great C.Grebe was a lot more colourful with what looked like full breeding plumage than the
pair at Harold Park, we found this was the case early last year too.The Canadas began moving
on to the water from the nearby field & as we walked round a flock of small birds lifted from the
grass.These were very mobile but we did ID a couple of Meadow Pipits among the flock of c20
birds.As these took to the air we followed them & our attention was drawn to another bird on top
of an electricity pylon.A real birds eye view for the Cormorant & a good end to our morning.


Can you spot the cormorant on the first Pylon

1st winter common Gull

Early colour as last year for this GC Grebe

Mute Swans

Canadas coming in to land

Park Dam 11/1/2014


  1. Some great photos, its nice to have a few sunny days for a change. Desprate to get up to Eccup not been for a while, to much other stuff going on at the moment.

  2. Thanks, we've not been to Eccup but it looks a good spot for birds.

  3. Danny you must try and have a visit there, you might need more than one trip, but I have over 85 different specie on my list from there, one of the best finds was Crossbills.