Saturday, 18 July 2015

Stocksbridge NR

Saturday 18th July a.m.
 This morning was cloudy with some sunny intervals & a strong blustery wind, the temperature was 14°C.We went to the BOG members reserve at Stocksbridge in Keighley where we settled down in the hide watching the comings & goings of a good selection of birds.On the water there were Mallards,Coot,Moorhen,BH Gulls,a Common Gull & at the edge a Grey Heron.Next to the hide is a Raspberry patch which at this time of year when the berries are ripe attracts Blackbirds,Blackcaps & others.There were frequent visits from a good number of Blackcaps most of them Juveniles & adult females,snaps were difficult due to the strong wind & them moving quickly.A Chiffchaff broke into song for a while & a couple of Bullfinch & Jays made appearances.Also a Deer appeared with two youngsters and some Swallows fed low over the grassland.

male Bullfinch

female Bullfinch

Grey Heron

Common Gull


Juv Blackbird

Deer with young

Blackcap enjoying the Raspberries

Stocksbridge NR, Keighley 18/7/15


  1. Thanks John, we've not seen many Blackcaps this year, so were pleased to see these & get a few snaps of them.