Sunday, 13 December 2015

Cullingworth & Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 13th December a.m.
 Another weekend struggling to get out & do some birding with most of Saturday raining,the afternoon giving a torrential down poor leaving many roads flooded.Overnight saw some clearing skies leading to a frost & a temperature of just 1°C as we set out for a local walk in some dry weather.We headed through the village seeing a GSW on the outskirts quickly followed by a Sparrowhawk briefly perched in a tree.We went along the Great Northern Trail towards Hewenden Viaduct seeing a Song Thrush on the way from the viaduct we could see BH Gulls,Mallards & Cormorant on the reservoir below.At the other side of the viaduct we saw a Mistle Thrush,several Redwing,Greenfinch,Robin & Goldfinch.Also in a distant field a good number of Common Gulls together with more BH Gulls & Jackdaws.Walking round the top end of the reservoir we got a better view of the Cormorants & in addition there were four Tufted Ducks & three Moorhen. Coming back a Grey Heron flew across in front of us & a Pied Wagtail was seen near the farm, during our walk a number of other common species were seen.At least it stayed dry but was very muddy in places & we were please we had worn our Wellington Boots.

Cormorant & Moorhen


Mistle Thrush


View of Hewenden Reservoir from Northern Trail

View from Viaduct

Looking back at the viaduct

Hewenden Reservoir & Viaduct 13/12/2015

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