Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dowley Gap

Sunday 6th December a.m.
 We arrived at Dowley Gap with clouds gathering & a temperature of 14°C, we walked alongside the canal to the waterworks where we saw c35 Pied Wagtails & three Grey Wagtails.We headed over the Aqueduct & down through the wood to the River Aire which was at very high level, at this point the heavens opened & the rain returned.We headed back seeing a Jay close by quickly followed by a Treecreeper but the camera stayed in its case to try & keep it dry.As we got back to the road bridge the rain stopped & it was looking brighter so we decided to carry on towards Bingley.Here we saw a male Goosander with a few more Mallards, it was quiet though with not many other birds seen. Further along we did see a Song Thrush & a Robin with a couple of Mute Swans on the canal, ( Yellow Tags 153 & 154). We walked further than normal & finally turned round when we reached the Five Rise Locks on the other side of Bingley.Not much was added on the way back apart from Blackbirds,Blue Tits & LT Tits.
Song Thrush


male Goosander

Mallard & Goosander

Mute Swans

Five Rise Locks, Bingley

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