Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Leeshaw Reservoir

Tuesday 27th December a.m.
 I decided to go to Leeshaw Reservoir this morning before going on to Redcar Tarn, I've not been for a while but you never know what you might find.It was cloudy with a temperature of 5°C and as I pulled up I saw another car and it was good to see it was BS with his birding team of two dogs.We talked for a while but there was not much birds to discuss other than Cormorants,Greylags,Canadas and Mipits.
 I did n't stay long but as I headed towards Haworth on Marsh Lane I noticed a couple of birds in the trees and so I stopped nearby getting the camera and bins out of the car and headed back towards them.Through the bins I confirmed four Waxwings as I got nearer in camera range off they went but at least I had a late annual tick.Looking at a couple of the trees they were laden with berries so maybe they will be back although I spotted a couple of Mistle Thrush that might beat them to the berries.The field opposite where I had stopped held another surprise in the form of a mixed flock of c100 Redwing and Fieldfare. After this distraction I carried on through Haworth and Keighley and up to Redcar Tarn.Report to follow...
Mistle Thrush





View of Haworth on approach from Marsh Lane

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