Sunday, 18 December 2016

Lister Park

Sunday 18th December a.m.
 A trip over to Lister Park near Bradford this morning for Danny and I in mild conditions with a temperature of 8°C but cloudy skies overhead.We started off as usual at the Lake where there were large numbers of BH Gulls with a few Commons mixed in.There were nine Goosanders with the Canadas,Tufteds etc and an odd looking Greylag. As we were walking round Danny spotted a large fish in the water,we don't know the species but have a picture below. We walked up to the stream seeing a Grey Wagtail a Jay and five Goldcrests.
 I've noticed we reached the 100,000 views earlier this week so a big Thank You from Danny and I to all who read our blog and hopefully you will enjoy it and continue to visit in the future.Nigel.

Common Gull

Grey Wagtail

Oddball Greylag

Large Fish ID?

Goosanders and Gulls

Lister Park 18/12/2016


  1. The fish is a Koi Carp that someone will have got fed up with at home and dumped in there. The canal at EGP is full of them, they tend to out grow tanks and ponds at home so get dumped.

  2. Thanks Brian, I think its a bit too big for the Goosanders or it would have been a gonna by now. Nigel.