Monday, 1 January 2018

Cullingworth & Hewenden Reservoir

Monday 1st Jan a.m.
Here starts a New Year with lists reset to zero and the hope of a good birding year during 2018.
It was cloudy with a temperature of 5°C as I headed through the village to pick up the Great Northern Trail, seeing several common species to get my list started. There were three Collared Doves which are reasonably common in Cullingworth but not so in other areas.I saw a couple of Chaffinch high in a tree as I went along the Trail, then my attention went lower seeing a Blue Tit and two Goldcrest these are always good birds for me.
 The walk was quiet then just picking up BH Gulls,Cormorant  and my first Robin until I got to my viewing point at the top end of the Reservoir.From here I could see the male Shoveler was still present, (last visit 9/12/17) and there were eight Tufted Ducks.Others included a Coot,5 Moorhen, Mallard and really pleased to see a pair of Teal.
  As I continued there were c50 Canadas grazing then further along the track I saw a couple of small birds in some trees, a Coal Tit,Goldcrest and a Treecreeper what a great trio to get together.I added Jay,Kestrel,Dunnock,Pheasant and Great Tit on my way home making for a good start to 2018.

Coal Tit



Tufted Ducks



Hewenden Reservoir & Viaduct 1/1/2018

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