Sunday, 14 January 2018

Lister Park

Sunday 14th January a.m.
 Yet another dull morning with a temperature of 3°C, meaning taking pictures with the low light levels was some what difficult.On the Lake were c200 BH Gulls, 8 Commons and 5 Herring with C75 Canadas and 30 Tufted Ducks. It was also good to see a juvenile Mute Swan (Red Tag 663Y), there was also a Grey Wagtail which I had a good view of close to me but the camera struggled to get a picture.There were also three Goosanders which after many attempts I got a couple of decent pictures of.As I was walking round I heard a strange call and saw a bird fly in to a tree, I got it in the bins and was surprised to see a Parakeet.Once again the camera struggled with the light levels which was a shame because this would have helped with ID, I'd say a possible Ring-necked Parakeet but I'm not sure.The bird flew off and I followed it hoping for a better picture, I soon found it together with a second bird but still a poor picture.It had led me to the statue of a Stag, this picture did come out okay.Elsewhere in the Park I saw a Robin and a Nuthatch before heading home.

Common Gull


male Goosander

Grey Wagtail

Herring Gull



Juvenile Mute Swan


Lister Park

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