Saturday, 7 July 2018

Harold Park and Park Dam

Saturday 7th July a.m.
Another bright sunny start with a temperature of 18°C as I headed for the Lake at Harold Park where it was good to see a pair of Mute Swans (yellow 468) with a Cygnet.A pair of GC Grebes also had at least two chicks and Coots had young chicks and some older juveniles.Others included Tufted Duck, Canadas and Chaffinch.
 Then I moved down the road to Park Dam where it was quiet on the water with just Tufteds,  Mallards, Coots and GC Grebe.Overhead were Swifts and House Martins and I got a bonus of a Kestrel close to me on the ground until it flew when a dog approached.

BH Gull

Coot Juv

Coots with chick

GC Grebe with chicks

LBB Gull Juv

Mute Swan with Cygnet

Tufted Duck

Harold Park 7/7/2018

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