Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Doe Park Reservoir

Tuesday September 7th a.m.

A sunny morning with a start temperature of 14°C as I Set off walking heading for Doe Park Reservoir.  As I passed Hewenden Res there was no sign of yesterdays Osprey, as I walked along the road of Doe Park Reservoir Dam a look over the wall produced four Grey Wagtails.  A Wheatear then landed on the wall then moving closer to the water there was also a Cormorant and Grey Heron.  I walked to the other end of the Reservoir and headed towards Denholme Clough seeing a Spotted Flycatcher.

  The walk back was hard work as the temperature rose quickly, a couple of birders were on the lookout for the Osprey I used all my luck up yesterday for this bird which I saw no sign of today.  As I headed back passed Hewenden Reservoir the morning was rounded off with a Kestrel hunting with the sun on it for once making for some decent pictures.

Spotted Flycatcher



Grey Heron

Grey Wagtail

Doe Park Res 7/9/2021


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  1. As the temperature increased quickly, the walk back was difficult, and a couple of birders were on the lookout for the Osprey. I used all of my luck on this bird yesterday, but there was no trace of it today.
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