Sunday 19 September 2021

Hewenden Reservoir

 Sunday 19th September p.m.

  The weather brightened up this afternoon so I decided to have a walk on to Hewenden Reservoir on the off chance the Osprey may make an appearance, the temperature was 17°C.  When I got to the viaduct I could see a couple of Mute Swans on the water, along with Mallards, Teal and Canadas grazing in the field..  It was good to see MD there who was hoping too see the Osprey in his local area, he quickly put me on to a couple of Buzzards in a distant field.  It began to look like a dip but then a dog walker spooked a bird from the trees and MD quickly spotted it was the Osprey which I picked up before it went in to the trees at the other side of the res.  The sharp eyed MD then located it in the trees where I was able to also see it, here it was perched watching for fish before coming out to pounce on one.  Well worth the visit to see the Osprey again, others were Kestrel and Jay.


Perched watching for fish

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