Sunday, 9 September 2012

Harold Park & Park Dam

Sunday September 9th a.m.
  A bright sunny start to the day with a temperature of 14°C on our arrival at Harold Park,
the other side of Bradford from us.On the lake were BH Gulls,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen &
Tufted Ducks, a pair of Collared Doves landed at the edge of the lake long enough for us to
snap one of them.Also on the lake we spotted a Great Crested Grebe, there were also two
Juveniles one of which came close enough for a decent snap. We also spotted a Little Grebe
in the middle of the lake and a Mute Swan was hiding on the island under the trees.We then
walked up to the small pond seeing a couple of Robins on the way, on the water and round
the edge were Canadas,Mallards,Coots & Moorhen.
58 - BH Gull
2 - Collared Dove
10 - Canadas
1 - Gt C. Grebe + 2 Juvs
1 - Little Grebe
c50 - Mallard
8 - Moorhen
1 - Mute Swan
2 - Robin
4 - Tufted Ducks
plus others
Park Dam
  We then moved a short distance down the road to Park Dam where the temperature had
risen to 16°C.It was good to catch up with the pair of Mute Swans with their six cygnets
which have grown well since our last visit and are now nearly as big as the adults.We also
saw the Gt C. Grebe with one Juv & two chicks. There were also two Little Grebes with
at least two chicks maybe more but some birds were along way away and difficult to ID.
Other birds included BH Gull,Coot,Mallard & Moorhen.

Great Crested Grebe Juvenile

Collared Dove

Little Grebe

Little Grebe,Park Dam

Little Grebe & chick,Park Dam

Mute Swan with one Cygnet at Park Dam

Mute Swans with six Cygnets

Harold Park pond

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