Saturday, 29 September 2012

St.Ives near Bingley

Saturday September 29th a.m.
 On arrival at St.Ives the temperature was up to 9.5°C,the sun was out and there was
less wind here. Things started well with us seeing six Goosander on the Coppice Pond, and
as we walked round a Grey Heron on the island.There were fifteen Canadas feeding in the
field behind the Archery range, on the water were Mallards,Coots & Moorhen.After walking
round  the pond we went to the hide where it was quiet for  a while but our patience paid off
and the birds came to the feeders.There were Coal,Blue & Great Tits,Nuthatch,Chaffinch,
Robin and a pair of GSWs. We also had a Treecreeper on the tree behind the feeders and an
enjoyable mornings birding.For something more exotic checkout the Birdbrain link,well done
to Denise for spotting and getting a snap of a Yellow-browned Warbler at Ogden,the BTO
report the recent storms have blown a 100 or so of these in from Russia.
Great Spotted Woodpecker




Grey Heron



Coal tits

Goosanders,Coppice Pond St. Ives. 

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