Friday 21 September 2012

Bronte Bridge & Waterfall

Friday September 21st p.m.
  My Mum & Dad took the dog for a walk to Bronte Bridge & the Waterfall near
Haworth this afternoon and took some snaps for my blog along the way.They tell
me it was a cool afternoon with a temperature of 9°C and some light rain.The walk
started well with them seeing a Buzzard flying down the valley towards Lower Laith
Reservoir it was being mobbed by crows. It was some distance away so my dad only
got a poor record shot, I'll have to give him some tips.Other birds seen were Pheasants,
Meadow Pipits & on the reservoir Mallards & BH Gulls.
  He did manage a couple of reasonable scenic shots of the Bronte Bridge,Waterfall &
Lower Laith Reservoir.
male Pheasant

female & male Pheasant


Bronte Brigde

Looking downstream from Bronte Bridge

Not much water in the Waterfall

Lower Laith Reservoir,Stanbury

1 comment:

  1. Well done snapping the Buzzard Nigel, seems plenty about at the moment.
    Shame you missed it Danny but school and work have to come first.