Saturday, 1 September 2012

Hornsea Mere

Saturday September 1st p.m.
  A trip to visit my Grandad on the East coast today meant we were able to call in at
Hornsea Mere which is close to where he lives.When we arrived at the mere the sun
was shining and the temperature was 18.5°C,a strong wind was blowing but it was
still very pleasant.When we got out of our cars we were surrounded by Mute Swans,
Black Swans.Canadas,Greylags,Mallards,Coots and BH Gulls, it was a good job we
had brought plenty bread for them. There were also LBB Gulls flying around and we also
saw several Cormorants as we walked round the lake there were several Pied Wagtails
flitting about.Near the coffee shop where the boats were we also spotted several Little
Gulls on the jetty, we have not seen these before so a good first there.My grandad was
more interested in a little steam boat that was moored, mind you he did also like the
Black Swans.
2 - Black Swans
c 60 - Mute Swans
c40 BH Gulls
5 - LBB Gulls
8 - Little Gulls
c50 - Canadas
c25 - Greylags
9 - Cormorant
c 75 - Coot
c100 - Mallards
6 - Pied Wagtails
c25 - Swallows
plus others
Black Swan



Little Gull

Little Gull Juv

BH Gull left with juv & adult Little Gulls

one for grandad to look at

Hornsea Mere 1

Hornsea Mere 2

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  1. Good one on the Little Gulls, we could do with some of them over here.