Monday, 22 October 2012

Old Moor

From Sunday October 21st p.m.
  We went to Old Moor RSPB Nature Reserve after our morning visit to Potteric Carr,
the fog had lifted a bit giving us some better viewing.The first hide we went to a Grey Heron
& a Cormorant, and a fellow birder pointed out a Kingfisher perched on a post.We could just
make it out through the bins,the lady did very well to spot it.The next hide we saw Gadwall,
Wigeon,Teal,Cormorant & Shoveler. The final hide of the day had c1000 Golden Plover,
c500 Lapwing,Redshank and possibly a first for us a Green Sandpiper.This bird was feeding
in the distance and had the usual Sandpiper bobbing up and down.We watched it for a while as
it gradually came closer to the hide giving us chance to get some decent snaps.We were also
treated to the Golden Plover flock lifting a couple of times making a fantastic arial spectacle.
Green Sandpiper





Golden Plover

Golden Plover with a couple of Lapwings take to the sky

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  1. Some good birds there Danny, Green Sandpiper is a rarity for this area now.